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Event Nutrition Guide - $19.95

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Your Event Nutrition Sorted

Trailblazer Nutrition sponsors New Zealand's most iconic endurance events. For each event we have created a comprehensive nutrition guide designed to match the demands of training and and an event day plan to help you achieve your goal.


Your nutrition guide contains information about the following:

  • Everyday eating

  • Nutrition for training

  • Recovery

  • Nutrition for event week

  • Event day nutrition

Winter Flavors

Personalised Event Nutrition Package - $99.95

Achieve your goals through the power of nutrition

Have you entered a challenging endurance event?

Do you want to achieve a personal best?


Would you like to lose weight but still fuel yourself optimally for training? 

This personalised nutrition package is perfect for you. Delivered online, this comprehensive package includes:

  • Nutrition plans for training, recovery, event day, and everyday eating

  • Ongoing contact with your dietitian Tom Shand

  • Recipes, meal ideas and much more

Video consultation - $149.95

Green Goodness

Online sports nutrition consults

Optimise your health and performance from the comfort of your own home.


Get cutting edge nutrition advice from experienced and highly qualified sports dietitian Tom Shand.

Tom works with clients who have a variety of needs:

  • Sports performance (including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, LCHF etc)

  • Body composition

  • Adolescent athletes

  • Healthy eating

  • Diabetes

  • Renal disease

  • Intolerances/allergies

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