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Last minute Taupo tips

Last minute tips

Crunch time! Are you getting butterfly’s thinking about the event? It’s just around the corner so this article is going to highlight some key last minute tips to make your day that much easier.

1. Plan and practice your pre-race nutrition

Your pre-event meal should be eaten 1- 4 hours prior to the event, and should be mainly carbohydrates (breads, cereals, fruit), and low in fat and protein. It should make you feel good, minimize risk of tummy upset, and be food that you are familiar with. Sip on fluid regularly prior to the start, without going overboard and creating the need to urinate when you are waiting at the start line!

It is essential that you practice this meal prior to the big day. Look at what time your particular event starts, and plan a training ride to start at that time. Trial eating your pre-race meal at least one hour (preferably 90 minutes) before-hand, so if you are doing the solo round the lake eat at 5:30am. Given the early start, a carbohydrate based snack before bed the night before is a good idea and can mean that you can have a smaller breakfast the day of. Try a sandwich, fruit and yoghurt, cereal, or a muesli bar.

2. Plan, and then practice your race day nutrition and hydration on your remaining longer rides

Then PRACTICE doing this during your next key training sessions. Obviously you won’t have aid stations so you may need to carry a little more food and fluid, but if you have a plan that you have practiced, then it is one less thing to worry about on event day, and your performance will better for it.

3. Consider, and practice taking some caffeine and beetroot juice supplements

Want to take some shortcuts? Nitrates from beetroot juice and caffeine are scientifically proven to improve marathon performance in recreational athletes.

About 150mg of caffeine about an hour prior to the event will do the trick. You are better off using a specific caffeine pill/product rather than coffee, because the caffeine content of your coffee varies a lot.

Pure Sports Nutrition and R-line are two kiwi companies who make beetroot juice. This product has also been proven to improve recreational athlete’s endurance performance. You need to take this every morning in the week leading up to the event, so get organized early, and be sure to trial prior as well.

4. Trial carbohydrate loading prior to a long ride

On the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prior to the event, you should increase your carbohydrate intake to help store fuel for you to use on event day. It’s like putting a bigger petrol tank in your car. You don’t need stuff yourself, and in fact it’s a good idea to slow down a bit the day before to help you feel fighting fit, but adding a dessert, some fruit juice, and some extra fruit each day will increase your carb intake and has been shown to improve performance. Of course trial in training first!

That’s it! Over the course of these tips I’ve covered all the essential information, so I would encourage you to read back over the content if you are feeling under-prepared. Of course feel free to check out www.trailblazernutrition.co.nz for further information and of course get in touch with any questions! Otherwise…. Good luck!!

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