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Wellington Marathon Nutrition Hub

Welcome to the Trailblazer Nutrition Marathon Hub.

Trailblazer Nutrition is the official nutrition information provider for the Wellington Marathon. In this blog post you will find a nutrition summary of the Wellington Marathon, links to other useful articles, and a link to where you can purchase a Wellington Marathon Event Package.

Of course I highly recommend you check out the below product. A complete guide to everything you need to know for the Wellington marathon:

Wellington Marathon Event Package - $19.95.

Nutrition Articles

How to fuel your training whilst losing weight

Nutrition Summary for the Wellington Marathon

Pre-exerise nutrition

Useful Resources (download as a pdf)

The Athlete's Plate Model

A basic guide to setting up your plate for maximum health and performance

Nutrition 101

A comprehensive guide to sports nutrition concepts in the context of endurance sports.

Home made carbs for exercise

Recipes for DIY sports bars

25g carbohydrate equivalents

A list of foods that provide 25g of carbohydrate. Great for exercise or planning recovery meals/snacks.

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