Personal Nutrition Plans

Have you entered a challenging endurance event?

Do you want to achieve a personal best?


Would you like to lose weight but still fuel yourself optimally for training? 

A Trailblazer Nutrition Personalised Nutrition Package is perfect for you. It includes:

  • Ongoing discussions with your dietitian Tom Shand

  • Personalised nutrition plans for training, recovery, and event day

  • A personalised meal plan

  • Recipes

  • peace of mind that your nutrition is 100% sorted for event day

Once you have paid you will be provided with a link to a questionnaire to fill out so that Tom can create your personalised plan.

Your Trailblazer nutrition plan will contain the following, fully personalised information:

  • Nutrition 101 - Key background sports nutrition information and explanations.

  • Everyday Nutrition - How to eat well everyday to support your health as well as training.

  • Training Nutrition – How to fuel your training. 

  • Recovery Nutrition - How to eat for optimal recovery and fitness gains.

  • Race day nutrition – How to eat in the lead up to your event, and an event day nutrition strategy.

  • Meal plan

  • Recipes

If you are still unsure if the Trailblazer Nutrition Plan is right for you, you are more than welcome to email our dietitian directly and he will answer any questions that you may have -


You can also check out what past clients have had to say by looking at our testimonial page.