The Trailblazer Nutrition Philosphy

Trailblazer Nutrition aims to help individuals achieve their event goals through the power of nutrition. Nutrition is an important piece of the performance puzzle that is often overlooked for endurance events. Trailblazer makes it as easy and affordable as possible for you to use the power of nutrition to achieve your endurance goals.

It started back in 2010 when Tom Shand did the Motatapu marathon. Using his sports nutrition knowledge, Tom created a personalised nutrition plan that fueled his training and event day performance. Speaking to the crew at the event though, he quickly realised that nutrition was holding some people back from achieving their goals, despite the fact it is something within their control.

Whether you’re goal is to win, achieve a personal best, or just finish, Tom can create a nutrition plan to help you. 

Tom is an experienced sports dietitian. He has completed postgraduate  sports nutrition study with the International Olympic Committee and Australian Institute of Sport. He also studied exercise science at university and has much practical experience completing and racing in endurance events.

You can find out more about Tom's experience here, or get in touch to find out if Trailblazer is right for you. Call Tom on 0224375477, or email


"All in all I'm really happy with how it all went and I really feel like the nutrition aspect that was my missing link last time was sorted this time. Your plan you did for me was easy to follow and it took alot of stressful planning off the large list of things to remember and worry about. I came in under my goal time well and truly, even though on the day it became the last thing I was worried about!


Thanks again for all of your invaluable support and help, I don't think I could've pulled it off without your help! If I ever decide to do something as mental as that again I will definitely be in touch! "


Felice Croft - Tarawera Ultra

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help in preparing for the marathon yesterday. It was so great having a really clear plan from you for race day - I followed your advice to the letter, felt fantastic and finished the race! (Although I'm not sure I want to have another gel again in a hurry ha). The heat was absolutely brutal - it topped out at 38 degrees - I think if I hadn't followed your plan I would have been like one of the poor people keeled over in the last 5km. So thanks again for helping me get over the finish line!"

G Meade -  Great Wall of China Marathon

"Your help this past year has been amazing and it was so great to dial in the nutrition plan a bit more for both training and racing and pick up lots of tips along the way. Thank you!"

Fiona - Coast to Coast


"Hi Tom, thanks again for the plan, it's going really well and I've noticed a huge difference eating and drinking the right things/amounts before, during and after training.  It's nice not having to worry about what I'm going to be doing nutrition wise next weekend."

Tamara Pine - Routeburn Classic


"Hi Tom, just wanted to say thanks very much for your advice over the last few months!

I followed the race day nutrition to the letter and shaved 33 mins off last year’s time in the Motatapu MTB event finishing in 3 hours 55 mins (sub 4 which was my goal).  The amounts you prescribed were perfect and with my training up to the event going much better with the nutrition package, I am stoked to have done much better than last year.

I’ll now have to find another challenge ;-)


Jo Guard - Motatapu Marathon


Thanks for the great advice. I finished the Routeburn in 5 hours 10mins. So was pretty pleased considering I haven’t done anything like this before. I felt like I had enough energy right to the end...

Erin - Routeburn 2017

Overall, my thoughts on Trailblazer nutrition is money well spent. The Routeburn Classic was the very first adventure run I’d tackled and without Tom I would have been running blind. The nutrition guide helped my training improve. I was able to train harder for longer and recover faster too, which was a life saver when you’re training on a time schedule. Tom also included a race day break down on running times, fluid and gel consumptions all in an easy to remember timetable to help me reach my goal. Thanks Tom! You’ve been such a great help for this little runner.

Carly Ruggeri, Routeburn Classic, 2013


Hi Tom, Just a quick email to say THANK YOU for the great results I had from your nutrition plan. I did the Wellington marathon on Sunday under 4 hours! I honestly did not think it was possible after the disaster in Rotorua. Since my training was exactly the same as for Rotorua, the nutrition leading up to the race and during the race must have made all the difference... The las 5km was like a speed run, I had enough reserves to finish strong and I felt fantastic. So thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a nutrition plan!

Annie Jerling, Wellington Marathon, 2013


Hi Tom, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the nutritional plan for the Wellington Marathon. Deing my first marathon and knowing a lot about nutrition and its benefits with training and race day, it helped immensely. I smashed the time I was aiming to achieve by 6mins, completing it in 3hrs 34mins. I attribute a lot of that to the food & fluids I was eating/drinking, I had loads of energy throughout. Once again thank you very much.

Gary Spierling, Wellington marathon, 2013


Trailblazer Nutrition is absolutely fabulous! My time for my run was a lot better than I thought and I am 100% positive that was die to the wonderful and easy to follow program I got from Trailblazer Nutrition, thanks very much!

Gina Rutledge, Routeburn Classic, 2013


Thanks for the fantastic nutrition plan, you provide an excellent service! I have been putting it to good use and have already noticed an improvement in performance.  Thank you

Kat Bulk, Routeburn Classic, 2013


I was hesitant to get a Trailblazer Nutrition plan because I thought that I could get the information myself from friends or the internet.

 However I feel a Trailblazer nutrition plan can offer something to athletes of all levels and the big advantage of a Trailblazer plan is that it's personalised. Arming yourself with information tailored to your physique, your preferred supplements, your event and your goals can be invaluable. 

 Whether you're new to endurance events, or an elite athlete looking for an edge, the plan combines a thorough overview of exercise nutrition with practical advice. 

Tom Hills - 2011 London Marathon (2hrs 53min)


"Hi Tom, Just to let you know I followed your Carb Loading and race Nutrition plan for the Mototapu last weekend. My goal time was 2h30m and my race time was 2h24m. I am very happy with the result and feel that without your plan and guidance I would have struggled to achieve this result. I feel your plan is excellent value and your extra input was much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Brent Cunningham, Motatapu Mountain Bike 2012

Just thought I would flick you a quick message to let you know that the nutrition plan was a winner.
 No cramp and was full of energy for the entire race!! 
Bloody good work

Andy Rowden, Motatapu Mountain Bike 2012

Thankyou sooooo much.  I do believe the nutrition plan you sent through was alot of the reason I finished.  I do not eat and generally don't drink when I am running but I noticed a HUGE difference in myself this time.  Thankyou :)

Tania Tisdall

Motatapu marathon 2012

Thanks Tom, really helpful advice and glad I asked. I’ll continue to do all of what you suggested.

Carly Ruggeri, Routeburn Classic, 2013.

The plans that you did for last year’s CatWalk New York Marathon team were fantastic, we had lots of good feedback about it – and I heard “I wish we’d known that earlier” a lot!

Nicola Holmwood - CatWalk Events and Admin Co-ordinator, CatWalk Spinal Injury Trust



"You can train as much as you like, but without a decent nutrition plan you won't be making the most of all your effort. I highly recommend using Trailblazer Nutrition if you are planning on doing an endurance event"

Tim O'Brien - Triathalon

"The nutrition plan that Trailblazer Nutrition provided me kept me energised throughout my training. It meant I bounced back from my big training rides and I was more than ready for race day. Before the race I felt confident that I would achieve the goal I had set, and that was the case. It also meant that I recovered quickly after the race"

Trish - Round Taupo Cycle Challenge


"I found all the information useful and if I ever do another marathon I will definitely contact you"

Kate Lambie - New York marathon

Tom Shand

Trailblazer Nutrition is the home of Tom Shand, a NZ registered dietitian with over 10 years experience as a sports dietitian. In addition to a postgraduate diploma in sports nutrition and a degree in exercise science, Tom rounds out his dietetic expertise with extensive field experience. Tom has been in your shoes - he has done multiple marathons and endurance events, including a sub 3hr London marathon. 2:59:44 - the definition of getting there by the skin of your teeth!

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