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"Your help this past year has been amazing and it was so great to dial in the nutrition plan for both training and racing and pick up lots of tips along the way. Thank you!

Fiona - Coast to Coast

How Trailblazer can help you

What is Trailblazer Nutrition?

Trailblazer Nutrition helps everyday people achieve  extroadinary endurance goals.

Tom Shand, a New Zealand registered dietitian, noticed that people doing endurance events were not reaching their potential because of sub-optimal nutrition habits. He started Trailblazer Nutrition to help fix this. It's working...

"Hi Tom
Just wanted to say thanks very much for your advice over the last few months!
I followed the race day nutrition to the letter and shaved 33 mins off last year’s time in the Motatapu MTB event finishing in 3 hours 55 mins (sub 4 which was my goal).  The amounts you prescribed were perfect and with my training up to the event going much better with the nutrition package, I am stoked to have done much better than last year.
I’ll now have to find another challenge ;-)

Jo Guard - Motatapu MTB


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