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Welcome to our world of Trailblazing. In this section of the website you can check out our blog, browse our articles, take a look at the websites of our fellow Trailblazer's, and learn about nutrition as you go.

At Trailblazer we know that there are already lots of awesome running, trail running, and endurance based websites, so we are not going to try and replicate them. We do not want to be another voice lost in internet mediocrity, so we are going to focus on what we do best. At Trailblazer we are endurance nutrition experts, so in every blog, article, and story we put on this space, our focus will be to teach you something about nutrition, and how it can help you train and race harder, or simply just make endurance events easier. 

To help keep us on track, let us know how we are going by being a troll on our blog or telling us to pull our head in our Facebook page. Feel free to email us through the contact us section, and join up to our awesome newsletter 'Trail Mail'. But best of all, get out there and be a Trailblazer.

Happy Trailblazing

Tom and Sam

Nutrition 101

Check out the following articles for up to date, balanced information on the latest issues in sports nutrition. Let us know if you want our dietitian Tom to research a particular topic, and we'll get him to write an article on it.

Tom's Blog

"I swore I'd never do it, but here is the Trailblazer blog. I'm going to stick with what I know and focus on endurance nutrition, no rambling here."

Trailblazer Friends

Events, services, and interesting people in the world of Trailblazing, endurance events, and sports nutrition.