Nutrition 101

Check out the following articles for up to date, balanced information on the latest issues in sports nutrition. Let us know if you want our dietitian Tom to research a particular topic, and we'll get him to write an article on it.

Event Specific Nutrition Information

The Kepler Challenge

The Routeburn Classic

The Motatapu Marathon

The Abel Tasman Classic - coming soon!

Marathon Food and Fuel

Hydration Updated

How to get fitter faster - The Essentials

Part I - Getting Fit and Getting a Tan - They are related?!

Part II - Nutrition for Training - The race car theory

Part III - Nutrition for Recovery - The sand dune syndrome

Hot Topics

Sports Drinks

Sweat Rate Testing

Nutrition for Recovery

Cramp - the emerging science

How to tolerate more fuel when training

Quick facts on low carbohydrate high fat nutrition

3 myths about carbohydrates

Creating an event day nutrition strategy

Nutrient Information