Carbohydrate Loading

Are you worried you will not finish the endurance event you have signed up for?

Did you know that by following a personalised carbohydrate loading protocol, you are much more likely to finish your event, and you could slice over 5 minutes off your marathon time?

Not only does a carbohydrate loading plan allow you to run faster for longer, it can also reduce the risk of not finishing, 'hitting the wall' and not achieving your goal time.

And best of all, carbohydrate loading is not just for the pro's. All recreational runners, cyclists, and triathletes will benefit from carbohydrate loading if done properly.

But how do you carbo load? How long do you do it for? How much will I need? What foods are best and how much carbohydrates are in them? A Carbohydrate Loading Plan from Trailblazer Nutrition will answer these questions and more.

This plan is a practical guide to carbohydrate loading featuring a personalised meal plan, explanations and practical tips, all based on your personal characteristics as well as the needs of your event.

Don't wait until just before your event to get your plan though. It is a good idea to practise carbo loading during training, so order your personalised plan today. 

To purchase your very own personalised carbohydrate loading plan, click on the PayPal link below. PayPal is secure, there are no hidden costs, and you can use your credit or debit card, or your own PayPal account.

Carbohydrate loading plan - $19.95

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"Given I am much heavier than the typical runners build, getting sufficient carbohydrates in via the typical carbo loading regimes you would find on a quick internet search was not possible. That is why I chose Trailblazer Nutrition. A tailored plan with specific recommendations of foods and fluids to take in order to maximise preparation was invaluable, and made a huge difference on race day."

Hamish Wright

New Plymouth marathon, 2011