Endurance Nutrition Solutions

Trailblazer Nutrition specialises in using the power of nutrition to help you achieve your endurance goals. Whether you have set your first endurance challenge, or you are a regular at endurance events, a personalised nutrition plan will help you get fit faster, achieve your goals, and get bang for your buck from all your training.

Choose from a personalised written plan or a Skype consultation.

Single discipline event - $119.95

Your complete endurance nutrition package for any single discipline event. This plan includes:

- Everyday eating advice for endurance training

- Introduction to endurance nutrition principles

- Fluid and fuel guidelines for training and recovery

- Nutrient requirements converted to real food guidelines for various training days

- Comprehensive race day advice based on your goal time and the event that you are doing

Our dietitian Tom Shand will assess your personal nutrient requirements for optimal training, recovery, and competition and convert these values into practical, real food recommendations.

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Your nutrition plan will be emailed as a pdf, simply click the PayPal link below, and once you have paid you will be taken through to the questionnaire.

Skype Consultations

To book a 1hr Skype appointment email Tom on tom@trailblazernutrition.co.nz or fill in this form here.

1hr initial consultation: $150

30 minute review: $70


The best thing about my plan was that it actually worked, I felt heaps better at the end of the race than I expected and I was running strongly. I was pretty surprised considering how bad I felt running shorter distances before I got the plan. 

I also really liked the example meal plans and recipes, I'm not really one for sitting down and calculating that all myself. I also found that I was able to train better, lose some weight, and recover better.

I would definitely recommend Trailblazer Nutrition. I don't think that you could do an ultra marathon without a good nutrition plan. Heaps of people don't finish ultra's and its usually fluid or energy related. A lot of people I talked to during the run had trained a lot harder and done more milage, but didn't finish because they got their nutrition wrong. 

Inia Raumati - 2011 NorthFace 100km (15hrs 58min)